September 2022 Wine Club Member of the Quarter

This quarter we would like to highlight our amzing members Nancy and Laura Hughes.

Introducing Nancy & Laura Hughes

Nancy and Laura are very familiar with Temecula Valley Wine Country and have been patrons of the region for over a decade. They visited many, if not all, wineries on Rancho California before venturing onto the De Portola Wine Trail to find that special place for them.

What sealed the deal was that the Tasting Room had sweet wine options on our menu as well. Since their initial wine club sign up in 2011, they have ventured into drinking Danza’s dry whites and red wine. We have something for everyone on our menu, but we absolutely love it when we have members that enjoy all kinds of wine.

Our members of the quarter usually answer a few questions to create their blog. These two have so beautifully written what Danza means to them, and this is what they had to say:

“When we arrived at Danza it just felt different than any other winery. We loved that it was out of the hustle and bustle of Temecula. The atmosphere was warm and inviting. The wine was spectacular, and the staff made us feel like we were home! They made us feel welcome immediately! I was a sweet wine drinker and that appealed to me as well.

Danza is home to us. No other winery has made us feel this way. Walter, Travis & Nicki are the best! They always make you feel the love. Danza has that special vibe with the people that run it. Through the years there have been some wonderful staff there. We miss Jamie and Laura who was the manager back in the day. We have so many wonderful memories there over the last 11 years.

Our wedding at Danza was the best by far. The best memory of the winery itself would be our first day there. We came to Danza and had the best day wine tasting. One of the counters was packed. Usually, we would go to the least crowded counter.  We decided to join the crowded bar because you could tell it was the place to be. When we walked up, we were greeted by Jamie the very busy server. She didn’t even hesitate to add to her already crowded bar. Jamie made it fun, welcoming and was never too busy for anyone. She introduced us to Danza’s amazing wines, and we just fell in love with the winery and their amazing staff! We realized we had found the place we were looking for. This winery was different and special.

My wife Laura and I love coming to Danza and bringing our friends and family with us each visit. We want to share our love of Danza with our loved ones. They get it once they visit! The Danza wine tours are a favorite thing for us to do. We have done several through the years and we love to take people we love on them. You learn so much and it’s always different. Walter and Travis are so knowledgeable and are so fun to learn from. We are thankful to have found such an amazing winery that just gets better and better! We both love Danza and feel a special connection to the winery, the wine and its lovely staff. We are avid hikers, love the outdoors, wine, Irish whiskey and travel. Danza is always a favorite destination! No other winery will have our heart. Thank you, Danza del Sol, for all of the wonderful memories!”The Hughes
We try our very best to make every visit feel special. We make it our mission to give the best service to our members, their guests, and anyone who happens to find us on their own. So say hi the next time you’re in the Tasting Room because we would love to get to know you! We thank you, Laura and Nancy, and all of our members, for choosing and drinking Danza.

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