How many shipments a year?

Four shipments a year each containing three bottles… that is a total of
12 bottles of wine (a case) plus tax and shipping where it applies.

What months will I receive my club shipments?

Wine club shipments are sent out the first week in March, June, September & December.
Depending on extended summer heat, the September shipments may be delayed until the end of the month.
Please notify the wine club department with any weather concerns.

Will I be notified when my shipment is ready?

Yes, we will notify all customers via e-mail when your shipment is ready for pick up or is being shipping.

Does someone need to be home to receive the shipment?

Yes! Law requires that only someone 21 years or older can sign for any package containing alcohol.
We recommend – if you can – to have your shipment sent to your place of work. Or ship it to a neighbor that you know will be home. If you offer to share a taste or two, they might be willing to help you out!

Can I pick up my wine at the tasting room(s)?

Absolutely! If you live close to our tasting room you can select for your club shipment to be picked up. If you are a ship-to member and are going to be visiting our tasting room during a shipment, just call the wine club office to request a pick-up the month prior to the shipment, and we will adjust your account for a visit.

How long do I have to pick up my wine?

You have 60 days to pick-up your wine from the time you are notified that the shipment is ready. If you have not picked up your shipment by the allotted time, you will release your hold on your shipment wines. If picking up an outdated shipment, you will simply be asked to take a new vintage of the given wine or exchange it for a newer wine of your choice. Your account will be credited or charged if there is a difference in wine price. Refunds are not available for unclaimed shipments.

How do you ship?

All of our shipments are sent through FEDEX via ground services, insured, and with adult signature required. An adult, 21 years or older must be present to receive the shipment. FEDEX cannot leave a wine club package without an adult present. Keep in mind you can have a shipment sent to a FEDEX store to be received.

When do I get billed for the shipment?

We will charge your credit card on the first of each shipment month (March, June, September & December). Pick-up shipments will be released on the first of every month. Ship-to members will receive a tracking notification via email approximately the first week after the billing date.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your wine club membership once you have fulfilled your four-shipment requirement. Simply email the wine club department with your cancellation request 30 days prior to the next shipment. You can also cancel in person by filling out a cancellation form in the Tasting Room.
Please note, early cancellation fee is $75.

Can I put my account on hold?

Yes! We allow wine club members to put their account on hold for a maximum of two wine club shipments.

Please note, if you have placed your account on hold or are skipping a shipment, your wine club benefits will be paused until the account is made active.

How do I update my account information?

Written notification is required for all name, address, and credit card changes. This can be done either by filling out an update form in the tasting room, regular mail or e-mail (wineclub@danzadelsolwinery.com). Preferably by the 20th of the month prior to the quarterly shipment. Danza del Sol Winery, Inc. is not responsible for charges applied to incorrect credit cards or shipments that are sent to incorrect addresses if notification is not received prior to the shipment going out. You may also fill out a digital membership change form here.

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