June 2022 Wine Club Member of the Quarter

This quarter we would like to highlight our lovely members Carmen and Bruce Coulter.

Introducing Carmen & Bruce Coulter

Carmen and Bruce have been members of Danza del Sol for six years. They are a sweet couple that love using Danza as the backdrop for making memories.

We could always find Carmen and Bruce with a glass of wine (of course) on our Club House or Tasting Room Patio enjoying the live music that we would have on the weekends. Unfortunately, since then they have moved out of state, we do not see them as often as we use to. That certainly does not mean we do not remember them. Our Wine Club Department is so amazing and truly pay attention to as many members as they possibly can that any time Carmen calls, Sara, our Wine Club Coordinator, recognizes her just by the sound of her voice!

The Coulter’s say that Danza del Sol was their favorite Saturday and Sunday afternoon getaway with close friends who so happened to be the ones to introduce them to Danza. When members bring their friends or family to the winery, we do our very best to make them feel welcome and just as important as the Wine Club Member they came with. If they so happen to join the club, then that’s awesome! We love growing the Danza Family.

Carmen and Bruce’s most fond memories at Danza are those of celebration. Whether it be a birthday or special occasion, they have enjoyed sharing those here at the winery. They always made Danza a stop when hanging out with close friends.

Carmen & Bruce Coulter wuote
We try our very best to make every visit feel special. We make it our mission to give the best service to our members, their guests, and anyone who happens to find us on their own. So say hi the next time you’re in the Tasting Room because we would love to get to know you! We thank you, Carmen and Bruce, and all of our members, for choosing and drinking Danza.

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