March 2022 Wine Club Member of the Quarter

We would like to highlight our members Frank and Claudine Rumbawa for letting Danza be a part of their family.

Introducing the Rumbawa Family

Frank and Claudine have been members for a little over a decade! They remember the member’s Club House being halfway through construction at the time of sign up. So it is safe to say that they have definitely been here since the beginning. What we love the most about the Rumbawas is that, even though visits tend to be far and few in between, it feels like no time at all has gone by. They also make Danza staff feel a part of their family

One of their fondest memories at the winery is their daughter Nicole’s wedding. They expressed how the Danza staff went above and beyond to make the day a memorable one.

For the Rumbawa’s, that was the moment Danza became extended family to them. It is an absolute privilege to be considered so highly by them.

We never grow tired of hearing that member’s come for the wine, but stay for the company. For the Rumbawa’s, they also come for the consistancy that Danza del Sol provides. Consistancy and stability are imprtant traits for a family to have, and we are so happy to provide that for all of our members as best as we can. Especially with all the changes we have all gone through in the last few years.

Frank and family say, “we have gotten to know several of the Danza crew over the years and feel just that much more special when someone like Walter greets you with a big giant hug.  Keep in mind, I no longer live in California and only make it out there a few times a year so that we are still known says a lot.” Frank and Claudine currently live out of state, and as always, we try our very best to make every visit notable, but we do try to take extra care of our members that support us out of state.

Rubawa quote


We try our very best to make every visit feel special. We make it our mission to give the best service to our members, their guests, and anyone who happens to find us on their own. So say hi the next time you’re in the Tasting Room because we would love to get to know you! We thank you, the Rumbawa Family, and all of our members, for choosing and drinking Danza.

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