Large Group Reservations & Transportation


  • All large groups (8 or more guests) or groups with a transportation company (limo, bus, etc), MUST make a reservation.
  • Guests with group reservations must arrive between the hours of 11am-3pm. Any variance in your arrival time may result in the cancellation of your reservation without notice. Limos and Buses will not be permitted after 3pm. Our Tasting Room opens at 11am, so reservations must also be made if planning to visit before 11am.

  • All groups, limos and busses must arrive within 15 minutes of their reservation time. If arriving later than 15 minutes we may not be able to accommodate our guests due to other scheduled reservations. Yet we will try our best to accommodate the group.

Transportation Reservations

Transportation Companies


For Reservations:

Call (951) 302-6363 ex. 34  or (951) 383-5566
eMail: Mary Knight or
Fill out the form below:

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