Meet one of our Managers on Duty, Nicole Gallaher!


How long have you been in the wine industry for?
2 years 




What do you love about Danza Del Sol? 
I truly love my Danza family! Everyday I go in, it feels more like I  am going to hang out with my best friends instead of working. 


What's your favorite wine and why? 
Meritage! I love the rich color of it, the bold aroma, and it’s so smooth! (Also, it’s pretty strong, so it’s a nice after work relaxer... ) 


Describe your Job in 3 words:  


What do you do outside of work: 
I have a 5 year old son in Kindergarten so I’m always busy! I also love hanging out with my friends and family, reading every book I can get my hands on, wine tasting when I have free time and I’m a frequent visitor of the always delicious Taco Bell. 


What is your favorite part of working at Danza:
My favorite part of working at Danza is that no day is ever the same! I love the fast paced, ever changing roles of my job. My coworkers joke I can never stay in one spot too long but I love that I get to move around all day.


What is your favorite time of the year at the Winery:
Yikes! That’s a hard one... each season has its own beautiful quirks but that being said, autumn right after harvest is the best! I love when the vines are bare and it has this crisp earthiness to everything. 


If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I am grateful to have been able to travel to many beautiful places but I’ve never been to Hawaii! It’s the next tropical place I’m dying to go to.