Heather Brittany (HB) Rankin




If you are no stranger to Danza Del Sol Winery, then there is no way you have not come across this amazing, intelligent, and bubbly Tasting Room Server. HB has been a part of the Danza family for a little under two and a half years and has always come into work with the best attitude. 

This Northern California native is no stranger to wine and the passion that goes into all the hard work in producing wine. HB’s interest in wine stemmed from her family who are involved in the wine industry up in Napa Valley. At first, it was not the Temecula Valley wineries that brought her to Southern California. HB attended San Diego State University in 2002 and lived the beach life until 2016 when she and her husband made the move to Temecula. 

HB has been an asset to the Danza tasting room staff and has always been one of the most knowledgeable servers here at the winery. She and a few other Danza employees took on it upon themselves to complete the Level One Introductory Sommelier Course in 2018. This kind of course is on a self-study basis. Once an individual registers for the exam they are provided with a thick study book that they must review before going to the committed two-day intensive and fast paced revision of most, but not all, information regarding the world of wine and other beverages. Beginning at 8:00 am and finishing around 6:00 pm both days. On the second day, the last two hours of the day are used to take the exam that requires a strict minimum of a 60% in order to pass. 

Less than 70% of applicants pass this course exam the first time around, but HB managed to do so on her first take. Way to go HB! 

Most recently, HB has also completed the Level Two Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). The amazing part, besides all the grueling hours she put into studying in order to successfully pass, HB passed with a score ranked in the highest level known as Distinction. 

We are very proud of our employees like HB who take the initiative to further their knowledge, and for caring so much on what it takes to produce wine whether it is ours at Danza Del Sol Winery or elsewhere.